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Starting July 7 2016, only institutional clients using a U of Sask CFOAPAL or PCARD will be eligible to purchase all items listed on this site, https://ccs.usask.ca. Why the change? See /retailinstitutionalrestructuring for details.

Printer Purchase Programs

IT Acquisitions is proud to present their latest printing program for all departments at the University of Saskatchewan. In this program, you simply pay per the amount of pages you print and when you’re in need for supplies, we deliver them directly to you with no additional fees. This will include;

  •         • Coverage for supplies such as toners, imaging kits, etc. This excludes paper.
  •         • Includes on-site technical service and free maintenance kits when needed; as long as in the program.
  •         • Special pricing for specific new printers when applying; click here for more information.
  •         • Payments are done monthly.
  •         • Printer is not included, unless you purchase it with the program; click here for more information.
  •         • The printer needs to be installed by local IT support.

    Why Should I Join?

    This program solves many of the issues that people on campus face with desktop or small workgroup printers. There is no longer a need to keep a spare toner on hand (toners are automatically shipped to you when needed), it removes the responsibility for ordering supplies (this is all done automatically helping to prevent you from running out of toner), you only pay for the pages you print out of a toner (no having to throw away spare toners when the printer dies and losing that investment in toner), and ensures that you don’t have any unexpected repair bills.

    Below is an example showing your cost savings if you have applied for the program with an already owned MS312dn printer.



    60,000 PAGES FOR MS312DN
    • - Included Toners, Kits & On-Site
      Technical Service
    • 2.25¢/per page


    Not Applied


    60,000 PAGES FOR MS312DN
    • - Included 1x Imaging Kit
      & 12x High Yeild Toners
    • 3.83¢/per page

      (Additional costs for services may be needed)

    *Printer Not Included; For Example Purposes Only.

    This program is mostly recommended for lab / office printers. For more information about each category in this program, please check out the links below.

    How Do I Join?

    Simply fill out and email back the pdf form under one of the links above. Once we have all the information needed, we can than review your application in order to make sure your printer qualifies and notify you when or if your printer has been accepted. After that, let us take care of the rest and ease your worries.

    How Do You Know When To Send Our Supplies?

    Once your printer has been accepted, we are then able to monitor your printer supply levels, via by the university network, to automatically ship you supplies when your device requires them.

    Why Do You Need To Connect To The U of S Network?

    In order to monitor your printer’s supplies levels, we must be able to connected to your printer over the network; meaning that all printers must be connect to the university network in order to be eligible.

    Prices do not include taxes or environmental fees and are subject to change without notice.
    Specifications are to the best of our knowledge; IT Acquisitions will not be liable for incorrect information from manufacturers or distributors.
    IT Acquisitions sells to University Departments only.