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World Wide Web: https://ccs.usask.ca
Starting July 7 2016, only institutional clients using a U of Sask CFOAPAL or PCARD will be eligible to purchase all items listed on this site, https://ccs.usask.ca. Why the change? See /retailinstitutionalrestructuring for details.

NOTE: As of June 2014 Apple removed all Campus Retail Stores in Canada. Unfortunately, this means that the products listed below are only for departmental purchases and will not be available for either students or staff that want to pay with personal funds.

Instead, all personal Apple purchases will have to go through Apple's Educational Store. For insurance reasons the CCS does not deal with personal orders. All personal orders must be shipped directly to the end user.

If you would like to pay with departmental funds please contact us to place your order.
iPod Shuffle
Part Number Description Price
iPod Nano
Part Number Description Price
iPod Touch
Part Number Description Price
MKHX2VC/A iPod touch 32GB Silver $249.00
MKJ02VC/A iPod touch 32GB Space Gray $249.00
MKHT2VC/A iPod touch 32GB Gold $249.00
MKHV2VC/A iPod touch 32GB Blue $249.00
MKHQ2VC/A iPod touch 32GB Pink $249.00
MKWR2VC/A iPod Touch 128GB Silver $369.00
MKWU2VC/A iPod touch 128GB Space Grey $369.00
MKWM2VC/A iPod touch 128GB Gold $369.00
MKWP2VC/A iPod touch 128GB Blue $369.00
MKWK2VC/A iPod touch 128GB Pink $369.00

Applecare For iPod Touch

Part Number Name Regular
S5071Z/A AppleCare+ for iPod touch/classic Auto 0 $59.00
* Must be purchased within 30 days of iPod purchase *
Every iPod comes with a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. AppleCare+ for iPod extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPod and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $29 service fee plus applicable tax.

Prices do not include taxes or environmental fees and are subject to change without notice.
Specifications are to the best of our knowledge; IT Acquisitions will not be liable for incorrect information from manufacturers or distributors.
IT Acquisitions sells to University Departments only.