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Part Number Description On Order Amt. in Stock Price
SAS2017 SAS Until 06/30/2017

Windows Professional OS Only
Discount for Bulk Purchases:
6-15 copies, $75ea
16+ copies, $55ea
No 204 $100.00
sas94dvd32 SAS 9.4 DVD 32bit - WIN PRO OS ONLY No 3 $20.00
sas94dvd64 SAS 9.4 DVD 64bit - WIN PRO OS ONLY No 2 $20.00
sas93dvd64 SAS 9.3 DVD 64bit - WIN PRO OS ONLY No 3 $20.00
sas93dvd32 SAS 9.3 DVD 32bit - WIN PRO OS ONLY No 3 $20.00
What does SAS do?

Base SAS provides a scalable, integrated software environment specially designed for data access, transformation and reporting. It includes a fourth-generation programming language; ready-touse programs for data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, descriptive statistics and report writing; and a powerful macro facility that reduces programming time and maintenance headaches. More...

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SAS 9.4 Information

Standard SAS/ACCESS Engines include:
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Aster
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Greenplum
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to HAWQ
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Impala
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Netezza
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to SAP HANA
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase IQ
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata
• SAS/ACCESS Interface to Vertica

Education Analytical Suite include:
• Base SAS
• SAS Bridge for Esri
• SAS Enterprise Guide
• SAS Integration Technologies

System Requirements

SAS 9.x does not support Windows 98/ME or earlier. SAS 9.1.3 does not support Windows Vista (Vista requires version 9.2)

** SAS 9.1.3 does NOT support Windows 7 and SAS has no plans to incorporate support for the new operating system for this version **

SAS 9.2 Hardware Requirements
Intel or Intel-compatible Pentium 4 class processor (minimum required)
Windows and Windows XP Professional: 
• 512 MB minimum or more for improved performance 
• 512 MB minimum of swapfile space

* SVGA Monitor (800x600 Minimum Resolution)
* 1167.8 MB free hard disk space for standard base install.

SAS 9.2 Software Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit products: 
• Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, updated with Service Pack 2 
• Microsoft® Windows® Vista - Enterprise, Business, and Ultimate Editions  
Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista x64 products: 
• Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional for x64 systems 
• Microsoft® Windows® Vista for x64 systems - Enterprise, Business, and Ultimate Editions 

* The 8.3 filename convention must remain enabled. The use of file systems supporting long filenames is recommended.
* A Web browser is required to use two features of SAS 9.2 Foundation. This Web browser must be Internet Explorer, Version 6, Service Pack 2 or higher.

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