Researcher Licenses

Software Licenses for Researchers

The University of Saskatchewan Information and Communications Technology (ICT) department provides concurrent licensing for researchers for the products listed below. These are part of an initiative to help aid research on campus. For more information on these licenses and how to acquire them, please click on the information links below, or contact

Please note that these are concurrent licenses. Licenses Available (below) indicates how many people can use these licenses at any given time. All licenses except for ArcGIS must be used on campus; only ArcGIS may be used on a computer at home or off campus.

Software License Licenses Available Information
Mathematica 20 Concurrent Licenses Link
Maple 16 Concurrent Licenses Link
MATLAB 56 Concurrent Licenses Link
Stata 40 Concurrent Licenses Link
ArcGIS - Link
* For more information on these licenses and how to acquire them for use, please contact Ian MacPhedran by phone or e-mail.
* Phone: 966-2227
* E-mail:
* Please note that the U of S Campus Computer Store does not sell, distribute or support these software licenses in any way. For support and distribution, please click on the links above or contact your local IT support group.