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Part Number Description On Order Amt. in Stock Price
NVIVO2015 NVivo License 2015

Expires Sept 30 2015
No 20 $70.00
NVIVO9BURN NVivo 9 Media No 2 $20.00
NVIVO10BURN NVivo 10 Media No 10 $20.00
NVIVO10MACBURN NVivo 10 Media (Mac) No 4 $20.00

NVivo Licensing for Students, Staff and Faculty

Students, staff and faculty at the U of S may purchase one year licenses of NVivo for use at work or at home, with the license expiring at the end of September each year. The license includes free telephone support via QSR as well as free upgrades to the latest version as they become available. To purchase the license please drop by the store with your academic identification or CFOAPAL account number.

  •           • License regularly $595 USD / $750 CDN for complete package from QSR.
  •            Media is $20 per disk, but the media may be shared amongst multiple licenses.
  •            NVivo 10 is the most current version.
  •            Only 150 licenses are available to for purchase each year on a first come first serve basis.

    For a complete description of NVivo, please visit the manufacturer's website.

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NVivo Features and Benefits

Whatever your materials, whatever your field, whatever your working style, NVivo provides a workspace to help you at every stage of your project.

NVivo 10 highlights

NVivo 10 introduces a range of new features and enhancements:

  • Capture and work with web pages and online PDFs
  • Import Facebook posts, LinkedIn discussions and tweets from Twitter
  • Automatically code social media data quickly and easily visualize the results
  • Work with content like memos, photos and web clips from Evernote
  • NVivo 10 is even more user-friendly and efficient to use
  • Handles 150% more data than NVivo 9
  • Performs 50% faster than NVivo 9

Read "What’s new in NVivo 10"

Getting started

NVivo’s workspace is designed using Microsoft user interface guidelines, so it looks familiar and is easy to use. There’s a range of resources to get you started and keep you on track. From video tutorials to guides and online help.

Working with your information

NVivo handles virtually any data, including Word documents, PDFs, audio files, database tables, spreadsheets, videos, pictures, social media and web pages. As you work through your information, highlight key points, allowing for quick recall or analysis later. Take this a step further with NVivo ‘nodes’ - like virtual filing boxes they allow you to see all information on a theme summarized together. Interchange information between NVivo and other applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics, Survey Monkey, EndNote and Evernote. NVivo lets you work with information in any combination of languages, allowing for true global collaboration. Store your project database and research materials as a single file, making your project completely portable. Or store large files separately and link them to your project.

Making sense of your information

NVivo’s powerful query tools let you uncover subtle trends, and automated analysis features let you sit up above your data and drill down into it. For example, search for an exact word or words that are similar in meaning to quickly test theories.NVivo lets you track your ideas and steps with ease. Use annotations to jot down your thoughts, create memos to capture detailed observations or use links to ‘glue’ items with similar themes together.Prefer pictures to words? NVivo lets you display connections, ideas and findings using a range of visualization tools such as charts, maps and models. What’s more, you can easily view the live data behind them.

Sharing your findings

Want to share your findings with others? There’s no need to retype or reformat your information with NVivo. Your conclusions, query results, models and charts can all be exported or simply copied and pasted into reports and presentations.NVivo also lets you export your findings as web pages, so you can share files and findings with clients or colleagues who don’t have NVivo.

Nvivo for Mac

NVivo for Mac is the first software for qualitative data analysis that is a true Mac application built to OS X guidlines, providing a true Mac experience for computer assisted qualitative data analysis software users. You can work with content from documents, PDF's audio and video, enabling you to evaluate, interpret and uncover social phenomena.

  • NVivo for Mac Feature List
  • NVivo for Mac Overview
  • NVivo for Mac Getting Started Guide
  • Project Transfer

    NVivo projects can be transferred between NVivo 10 for Windows and NVivo for Mac. NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac projects have different project file formats, but can be converted from one to the other using the free update.

    NVivo 10 for Windows Service Pack 5 Update.

    Nvivo Mac vs Windows

    Users who are familiar with NVivo for Windows should be aware that NVivo for Mac doesn't contain all the same features as NVivo for Windows. Click to compare.

    Free Updates

    Following this release of NVivo for Mac, we plan to add further features to the software including datasets, annotations, matrix coding queries, NCapture, and much more. These features will become available via regular free software updates in the coming months.


    Current NVivo 10 users may use their existing keys for the remaining duration of their licensing term. Current NVivo 9 users who wish to upgrade to NVivo 10 are required to purchase new License & Media.

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