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Starting July 7 2016, only institutional clients using a U of Sask CFOAPAL or PCARD will be eligbile to purchase all items listed on this site, http://ccs.usask.ca. Why the change? See http://ccs.usask.ca/retailinstitutionalrestructuring for details.

Faculty Computer Renewal Program

The goals of this program are:

  • > Provide Faculty/staff members with a computer that supports their administrative and teaching needs at the lowest cost possible.
  • > Improve the level of computing support for faculty/staff.
  • > Reduce the amount of time faculty/staff spend setting up and configuring computers for use on Campus.
  • > Promote hardware for which there is on Campus Service & Support available.

Cost Shared Initiative for Faculty
(please contact your group Administrator if you are unsure if you qualify for the Cost Shared Initiative)

* Be sure to review the Equipment Eligibility Guide before ordering.

Faculty covered by Microsoft Campus Agreement - > click here to begin

If you do not qualify for Campus Agreement please contact ICT Acquisitions - ict_acquisitions@usask.ca

Prices do not include taxes or environmental fees and are subject to change without notice.
Specifications are to the best of our knowledge; ICT Acquisitions will not be liable for incorrect information from manufacturers or distributors.
ICT Acquisitions sells to University Departments only; some education discounts may not apply to all.