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Employee Purchasing Plan


* Grab an EPP form at the Campus Computer Store or from Payroll, then have it signed by Payroll
* Term employees must have written confirmation from their supervisor that their term will be extended past the end date of their EPP

* Individuals are allowed only one (1) EPP at a time
* Payments are deducted from your monthly pay
* Minimum purchase (including tax) is $1,000, the maximum amount is $4,000
* Low interest rate (currently 6% annual - subject to change)
* Includes all products offered by the Campus Computer Store


Terms and Conditions:

1. Eligible employees must meet the following criteria: - The employee incumbent status must be permanent as determined by their bargaining unit; or, the employee must be in ongoing monthly term position for at least one (1) year and their current position must be ongoing for at least the length of the loan. If the loan is for a two-year period, their position must be ongoing for at least two (2) years. Their job in AboutUS would need an ongoing appointment. - Paid on the monthly payroll cycle. - Must currently be active on payroll, not on a leave without pay. - Includes employees of the University, Research and Affiliated Agencies. These employees must meet the criteria above. Please note that if your appointment will end within 6 months, or if you are currently an hourly paid employee, you will not be eligible for the Employee Purchase Plan. Graduate students are not eligible for this plan.
2. If an employee on this plan moves from monthly to hourly salary, they will continue to be eligible.
3. Employee wanting to make a purchase under this plan must first receive confirmation of eligibility from UofS Payroll (Room E70 Admin).
4. Minimum purchase is $1,000 and maximum purchase is $4,000 (including taxes and interest).
5. Purchases between $1,000 and $1,999 must be paid back within a one year period. Purchases between $2,000 and $4,000 must be paid back within a two year period. The maximum length of payroll deduction is two years after the date of purchase.
6. Payroll deductions will start the month following the month the purchase was made.
7. Monthly deductions will be calculated by dividing the total cost (includes interest and admin fees) by the months, then rounding up to the next multiple of $5.00, with the balance taken in the last month.
8. If an employee on this plan takes an unpaid leave of absence such as maternity or education leave, the employee will be required to pay the Campus Computer Store the balance owing in full prior to going on leave.
9. Employees on this plan will not be able to increase or decrease the amount of monthly deductions.
10. Employees on this plan will be allowed to pay the entire outstanding amount of their loan, including all interest charges for the entire term of the loan, at any time during the term of the loan.
11. While not required, employees are able to make down payments using cash, debit card, Visa, Mastercard or certified cheque.
12. The interest rate is a combination of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency prescribed interest rate and a UofS Payroll Services/Campus Computer Store administration fee to cover the costs of administering this plan. The interest rate is subject to change if there is a significant increase in the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency rate. Employees on this plan will be informed by the Campus Computer Store of any changes to the interest rate.
13. Employees on this plan will have to sign a Promissory Note to the University of Saskatchewan Campus Computer Store promising to pay the amount of the loan.
14. Any of the products sold by the Campus Computer Store are eligible for purchase under this plan.

Prices do not include taxes or environmental fees and are subject to change without notice.
Specifications are to the best of our knowledge; the Campus Computer Store will not be liable for incorrect information from manufacturers or distributors.
The Campus Computer store sells to University Students, Staff, Faculty, Alumni, and Departments only; some education discounts may not apply to all.