Starting July 7 2016, only institutional clients using a U of Sask CFOAPAL or PCARD will be eligbile to purchase all items listed on this site, Why the change? See for details.

Rebate Centre

Please see below for any rebates on products that ICT Acquisitions sells. If you purchased a product and did not receive a rebate form, or are just looking for great deals, download the linked files for the items you are interested in and follow the instructions in the document to redeem your rebates.

Rebates and pricing our subject to change. The most current rebate by Vendor will be honoured. No subsitutes or changes from the Vendor Rebates will be allowed. Rebates are only available for personal purchases and in most cases will not be applied to purchases made by Institutions, or Departments of the University.
All pricing is subject to both the GST and PST taxes.

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Prices do not include taxes or environmental fees and are subject to change without notice.
Specifications are to the best of our knowledge; ICT Acquisitions will not be liable for incorrect information from manufacturers or distributors.
ICT Acquisitions sells to University Departments only; some education discounts may not apply to all.