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Shell Cases

Fits 13" notebooks:

Part Number Name Stock Price
SPK-A1172, SPK-A2831 Speck SeeThru SATIN MBPro 13" Black 2 $44.99
SPK-A1481 Speck SeeThru SATIN MBPro 13" Grape 2 $44.99
SPK-A2413, SPK-A1890 SeeThru SATIN MBPro 13" Retina Black 1 $44.99
Protect your MacBook Pro with this sleek two-piece hard-shell case featuring a grippy, "soft-touch" frosted finish.
Part Number Name Stock Price
SPK-A1887 SeeThru MBPro 13" Retina Harbor 0 $44.99
SPK-A1168 Speck SeeThru MBPro 13" Clear 1 $44.99
SPK-A1216, SPK-A0465 Speck SeeThru MBPro 13" Raspberry 3 $44.99
SPK-A1476 Speck SeeThru MBPro 13" Butternut Orange 4 $44.99
SPK-A1889 SeeThru MBPro 13" Retina Salmon 1 $44.99
SPK-A1885 SeeThru MBPro 13" Retina Clear 2 $44.99
Keep your MacBook Pro protected in clear and colorful style with this form-fitting two-piece translucent hard-shell case.
Part Number Name Stock Price
SPK-A2213, SPK-A0356 Speck SeeThru MBAir 13" Cobalt 0 $44.99
SPK-A2203, SPK-A1469 Speck SeeThru MBAir 13" Raspberry 1 $44.99
SPK-A1470, SPK-A2204 Speck SeeThru MBAir 13" Wild Salmon Pink 6 $44.99
SPK-A2472, SPK-A2192 Speck SeeThru SATIN MBAir 13" Black 2 $44.99
SPK-A2976, SPK-A2207 Speck SeeThru SATIN MBAir 13" Peacock 2 $44.99
Your MacBook Air was made to be lightweight and thin--and Speck's MacBook Air cases are made to match. This super-slim and glossy hard case is precision-engineered for a perfect fit.

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